Ranga Model 8 in Black and Orange Ebonite

This is the review of a couple of pens I had for sometime. Two Ranga model 8 pens. One in Premium Orange ebonite with Jowo medium nib with cartridge/converter fill and other one in black ebonite with an ambitious nib with eyedropper fill. I bought them in a group buy in fountain pen network. They were part of my every-day-carry for most of the time since I got them.


Model 8 is a small pen and is very different from many other Indian ebonites pens in that way. It has a very nice torpedo shape with pointed edges on both ends. The body is very streamlined. The big clip contrasts with the petite size of the pen.

When you uncap the pen, it has a long concave section. It is one of the most comfortable sections I have seen and used. It just fits my fingers very well. Overall, it is a lightweight ergonomic pen suitable for long writing sessions.


The orange pen came with a medium Jowo nib in dual tone finish. It wrote like any other medium Jowo nib. Sometimes, I felt it wrote a tad drier. I used Noodler’s Liberty’s Elysium in this pen. Somehow, it left a stain on grip section. I switched red and orange inks later and the stain disappeared slowly. So, I will stay with those hues in this pen.

The black pen has the brushed or bakul finish. I think, this is the better looking pen of the two. It feels very good in the hand and the matte finish helps with the grip. But, the nib was bit of a disappointment. It was a fine tipped ambitious nib. The writing experience with this nib did not match the beauty and the ergonomics of the pen. So, I tuned the nib, changed it, tried a lot of things. But, wasn’t happy with it. Finally, found a match in a medium Kanwrite dual tone nib. It writes wet and smooth now. It has the notorious baystate blue in it now. 

Below are some photos of the pens.



Hope this review is useful.  It is a nice Indian pen to have in any pen collection. Now, Ranga has come up with model 8B (picture below), which is a fatter brother to these pens. But, model 8 remains to be my favourite.  

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